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2018-19 Sick Bank Opt Out

Dear Licensed and Classified Employees,

In accordance with DP326 NEG and DP324 NEG, participation in the Employee-Funded Sick Leave Bank requires an employee to annually donate one day of accumulated sick leave into the Sick Leave Bank.  The Employee-Funded Sick Leave Bank is not intended to be used for in-and-out absences, elective medical procedures or other medical care that could be scheduled during non-contract time.

Employees wishing to opt out of participation in the Employee-Funded Sick Leave Bank must log in to their Employee Access and complete the opt out process no later than September 1st.  This opt out request must be submitted annually.

*First year classified and all hourly employees are not eligible for sick bank. Therefore, a sick bank day will not be deducted (if applicable).  Please be aware that policies and eligibility requirements for Licensed (DP324 NEG) and Classified (DP326 NEG) employees are different.  These and other District policies are available for review in the Policy Manual.