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Important Payroll Dates for July 2019

Important Payroll dates for July 2019

  •  Payroll Due:  July 2
  • Last day to change direct deposit accounts: July 10
    ** Please let Payroll know of any changes to your account after this date. Any bank account changes will affect your check on payday.
  • Paychecks available for viewing in Employee Access July 20
    ** Strongly recommended
  • Payday: July 25

Attendance Incentive will be paid on the July 25th pay check to eligible employees

True Time Deadlines for Pay Period
June 3 – June 30, 2019

  • YR Submittal & Nutr. Mgr/ Approval: July 2
  • Employee Final Submittal:  July 3
  • First Approval: July 5
  • Final Approval: July 9

Please inform new True Time employees of these deadlines.

Independence and Pioneer Day Holidays

  • Independence Day: July 4
  • Pioneer Day: July 24

As per DP 335(B):  Employees who have not been approved by Human Resources for using a personal day before and after a holiday may be docked (certified $109 or classified 40% of their daily rate).
Please refer to policy for further clarification.

DP335(D):  Personal leave shall not be taken during the first five days that students are in school except to attend the wedding of a near relative including child, father, mother, brother, sister, grandchild, grandparent or the same to one’s spouse or any other person who is a member of the same household as the employee; or to attend to personal or business matters which require the employee’s attendance and scheduling is beyond the employee’s control.

First five days of school with students | 7/25, 7/26, 7/29, 7/30, 7/31 | Tracks A, B, C

DP335(E): Teachers may not take personal leave days during the four (4) days of contract time not involving students but may, through correlation with the principal, arrange to exchange one of these days for another non-contract day.

Please refer to policy for further clarification.