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Tax Shelter Annuities & 403b Universal Availability Notice

403(b), 401(k), 457, Roth IRA, Traditional IRA

Notice to Employees
As an employee of Jordan School District (JSD), you are entitled to take advantage of federal law which allows employees to improve their retirement benefits by voluntarily participating in their own Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) program. With a TSA, you can set aside a certain amount of tax-deferred money each month toward your retirement.

Utah Retirement Systems (URS):
All employees are able to contribute into a TSA.  If you are a contracted employee, a portion of your state retirement plan with the Utah Retirement Systems (URS) is in the form of a percentage contribution paid by the District into a 401(k) account. You can increase your retirement benefit by paying additional money into your URS 401(k) account, or by contributing into a URS 457 plan, as well as a Roth or Traditional IRA. As an employee of JSD, these services are provided free of charge. URS does not endorse any outside financial advisors. Please beware of any financial advisor claiming to be affiliated with URS, or attempting to provide detailed information about URS. Information and forms regarding the 401(k), 457, and IRA savings plans are available at

403(b) Plan
You also have the option to begin a 403(b) plan with one of the various companies offering TSA programs.  The 403(b) Universal Availability Notice is attached regarding this option. You may visit JSD’s third party administrator, National Benefit Services’s (nbs), website at for additional information.

Jordan School District does not endorse nor guarantee the performance of any TSA plan or company. Your participation is strictly voluntary and at your own risk.