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Sept. 2020 Important Payroll Dates

  • Payroll Due: 9/2/20
  • Last day to change direct deposit accounts: 9/10/20
    ** Please let Payroll know of any changes to your account after this date. Any bank account changes will affect your check on payday.
  • Paychecks available for viewing in Employee Access: 9/23/20
    ** Strongly recommended
  • Payday 9/25/20

True Time Deadlines for Pay Period 8/3/20 – 9/6/20

  • Employee Final Submittal: 9/9/20
  • First Approval: 9/11/20
  • Final Approval: 9/15/20

Please inform new True Time employees of these deadlines.

Parent/Teacher Conference
Middle & High School 9/21 - 9/24 (TBD)
(Comp Day 9/25)

As per DP335: Licensed employees may not use an annual or personal leave day if absent from parent/teacher conferences. They may use a no-pay day if applicable.

Labor Day Recess
All Employees: 9/7/20

As per DP 335(B): Employees who have not been approved by Human Resources for using an annual day or a personal day before and after a holiday may be docked (certified $131 or classified 40% of their daily rate).

Please refer to policy for further clarification.