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May 2021 Mathematics Updates from Teaching & Learning

Teaching Summer School?Summer School Elementary Mathematics Resources

The following guide has been designed for teachers to use as a resource when planning summer school mathematics interventions. Teachers who will be supporting our students during summer school are encouraged to check out the Summer School Sample Schedule document. More information will be provided during the summer school training on May 19 and 21.  

If you have any questions or need additional support please contact or

Early Numeracy Assessment

Utah Legislators have found value in the data provided by the early learning reading screening assessment and have mandated an early learning mathematics screening assessment, beginning Fall 2021. (House Bill 114)

Key Points: 

  • District to establish an early learning plan that includes early literacy and early mathematics (HB 114)
  • USBE to provide a mathematics benchmark assessment in grades K-3. 
  • USBE has selected Acadience Math assessment. Learn more on the Acadience Math K–6 page. 
  • USBE will provide Accadience Math training. 
  • More details will be forthcoming.