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March 2019 Be Well Newsletter

Learn why eating well is key to healthy weight loss, effective workouts, managing disease and mental health.  Stories include:

  • Outer Aisle Fresh: When trying to lose a few pounds, learn to spot innocent-looking but high-calorie foods that can derail your progress.
  • Get Moving: Eating a well-balanced diet will supply the nutrients and energy needed to improve your workout results and how well you exercise.
  • The Whole You - Physical Health:  The right nutrition prescription can help your body heal and perform well when managing individual health conditions.
  • The Whole You - Emotional/Mental Health: We can relieve stress through regular exercise, relaxation techniques and sound sleep. Can we also reduce stress with diet?
  • Fiscal Fitness: Here's how to take advantage of farmers markets.
  • Plus Healthy Connections: According to a recent study, the number of obese children and adolescents worldwide has increased from 11 million to 124 million in the past 40 years. What does this mean for the next generation’s health? And, what can parents do to encourage their kids to be active?
  • Stock Your Tool Box: Don’t miss our downloadable and printable PDF, DASH to Better Health, plus other resources at

March 2019 EMI Be Well Newsletter