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Open Enrollment is held from May 15, 2024 - June 15, 2024.  Please join us for one of the open enrollment meetings.  We are trying something new this year and will have several throughout the District.  We will also be holding a virtual meeting if that is your preference.  There will also be a recording on the insurance website by May 20, 2024.  It is very important for you to know the upcoming changes prior to making your elections.

More information will be coming soon.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to Insurance Services 801-567-8146 / and we will be happy to assist you.

Spring 2024 Work Based Learning NewsletterWhat's happening in Work Based Learning?  Spring is bursting with Work-Based Learning activity! From CTSO competitions to New programs and teachers, targeted small group field trips, teacher awards and more! There’s so much to celebrate as we wind down another year. Even so, let us know how we can support you whether it’s this year or next. Read on to check it out!  Here's what's inside:

  • ACTE Awards
  • WBL Field Trips
  • 7 Craig Cottle’s Retiring Party
  • CTSO Nationals
  • New Teachers
  • KUTV
  • Upcoming Events
  • Important Dates
  • CTE Social Media Links
  • Contact WBL

(This does not effect employees on the URS Tier 1 plan or Tier 2 Defined Contribution plan)

You’ll be required to make a member contribution equal to 0.7% of your salary to fund your benefit in 2024-25.

URS Tier 2 Hybrid Required Contribution FlyerAs a member of the Tier 2 Public Employees System who has chosen the Hybrid Option, your employer pays the equivalent of 10% of your salary to fund your benefit.

If the yearly, actuarially determined cost to pay future benefits – the pension contribution rate – is less than 10%, you get the difference in the form of an employer-paid 401(k) contribution. This has been the case since the system was created by the Utah State Legislature in 2011.

The system was also designed so that if the pension contribution rate exceeds the employer contribution, the member must contribute from their paycheck to help fund the benefit.

*Effective July 2024, the pension contribution rate will increase into the range to require a member contribution equal to 0.7% of your salary.

This means you will have to pay a small amount from your paycheck to fund your Tier 2 Public Employee Hybrid Option benefit beginning July 2024.

This contribution will be automatically deducted from your paycheck by your employer.

As an example, an employee making $60,000 per year would contribute about $33 per month to fund the Hybrid benefit.

You elected the Hybrid Option, or were defaulted into it, after your 12-month decision period after you were hired. Because of state and federal law, you are unable to change your election after 12 months.

Contribution rates are re-evaluated yearly and may change from year-to-year, depending on the projected costs of future benefits. To better understand contribution rates and their impact on your retirement benefit, go to

URS Tier 2 Required Contribution Webinars FlyerIf you choose the Hybrid Option, you’ll be required to make a member contribution equal to 0.7% of your salary to fund your benefit in 2024-25.

As you weigh your retirement benefit decision, be aware of an upcoming change that affects one of your options.

If you choose the Hybrid Option, the yearly pension contribution rate directly impacts your benefit. If it exceeds a set amount, you’re required to contribute from your paycheck to help fund your retirement benefit.

(Go to to learn more about contribution rates, how they’re determined, and how they impact the Hybrid Option benefit.)

*Effective July 2024, the pension contribution rate will increase into the range to require a member contribution equal to 0.7% of your salary.

This means you’ll have to pay a small amount from your paycheck to fund your benefit if you choose the Hybrid Option.

Your retirement system was designed from the beginning to require a member contribution in the event of rising costs. For perspective, nearly all public employee pension plans throughout the country require employees to contribute.

Questions? Consider These Free Webinars:

Tier 2 Choice Overview - Join us if you have questions about contribution rates or want to better understand your Tier 2 retirement choice.

Member Contributions - How the Tier 2 system is designed to ensure adequate funding and why member contributions will be required.

Digital Teaching and Learning is thrilled to announce the launch of Elevate Computer Science: Engaging Utah’s Educators in Preparing Future Leaders. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is offering scholarships to participate in their award-winning professional learning opportunities at no cost for Utah educators. Get ready to revolutionize teaching and learning in your classroom through innovative uses of technology to make learning awesome!

Read more below and complete this short form by April 26, 2024 to launch your professional learning journey! Upon completion, educators can receive stipends of up to $1,000!

Participants will be able to select one (or more!) of the following professional learning experiences:

ISTE Certification

  • ISTE Certification is an internationally recognized credential for educators who have demonstrated mastery of the ISTE Educator Standards and implemented innovative uses of technology to transform learning
  • Complete 40 hours in instructor-led professional learning over 10 weeks, and then will curate your portfolio that includes artifacts and reflections aligned to the ISTE Educator Standards over six months.
  • UT educators will receive a $1,000 stipend for successful completion

ISTE Artificial Intelligence Course

  • Self-paced, instructor-led online course introducing educators to AI for learning and its application in the classroom (15 hour course)
  • UT educators will receive a $65 stipend for course completion
  • Course Dates: 10/07/24 - 12/09/24 or 02/10/25 - 04/06/25

ISTE Computational Thinking Course

  • Self-paced, instructor-led online course designed to deepen your understanding of Computational Thinking and develop strategies for integrating Computational Thinking across subject areas and grade levels (15 hour course)
  • UT educators will receive a $65 stipend for course completion
  • Course Dates: 9/26/24 - 11/16/24 or 01/13/25 - 03/13/25

ISTE Computational Thinking Pathway

  • Open to educators who have completed the ISTE Computational Thinking Course
  • Earn up to three Computational Thinking microcredentials
  • UT educators will receive up to $225 in stipends for completing the CT pathway
  • Pathway Dates: 11/23/24 - 04/06/25 or 03/22/25 - 09/30/25

Take the first step on your professional learning journey today by completing this short application form by April 26, 2024! Please note that completing this form does not guarantee admission. We have a limited number of scholarships and stipends available. We will be making selections and inviting applicants to register for program(s) on or before May 10, 2024.

If you have any questions about the offerings above, please contact James Gurney at or Jared Covili at for more information.

2024 Show Up for Teachers FlyerALL Utah educators are invited to attend the annual Show Up for Teachers conference, held on July 9, 2024 at the Mountain America Expo Center. 2,000 educator attendees will gather to celebrate the power of being a teacher and get access to the latest tools and resources to take care of their personal and professional wellness.

General registration is now open for the 2024 Show Up for Teachers Conference This year's theme is "Thriving Through Connection," featuring inspiring keynote addresses by Dr.Marisa G Franco and Robyn Benincasa, along with entertainment by the talented Will Rubio.

Teachers and other educators whose license will expire on June 30, 2024, are encouraged to begin the license renewal process IMMEDIATELY by going to the USBE website. Reminder letters regarding license renewal information will be sent out this month to individuals with expiring licenses.

Jordan District offers classes for a Gifted & Talented Endorsement, with a new cohort beginning in August 2024.  A GT endorsement can benefit all teachers and all students in all classrooms!

Contact Rebecca Smith in Teaching & Learning for any additional questions ( 88368).

Melanie Dawson and Katie Jarvis, administrators from River’s Edge School will be leading a professional development session on foundational classroom management strategies that make a difference in any classroom. This opportunity is open to elementary and secondary teachers and ESPs in all settings.

It will be held at Herriman High School tomorrow, Friday April 12, 2024 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Please sign up on JPLS for this awesome opportunity!

JBAT Professional Development
Herriman HS- Auditorium
Course #102021
Section #128091

This is an in-person training only and will not be recorded for viewing at a later time.

2024 Blomquist Hale Workshop FlyersBlomquist Hale has two workshops coming up in April! See attached for workshop flyers and details outlined below.

  • Topic: 5-Week Anxiety Group
    Date: April 15 – May 13
    Time: 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
    Location: Online!
  • Topic: Monthly Divorce/Separation/Singles Support Group
    Date: April 18 – December 19 (third Thursday of every month)   
    Time: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. MT
    Location: Online!

To register for any of our upcoming workshops, please visit our website at

USBE Survey PageThe USBE Digital Teaching and Learning Grant provides opportunities and tools for teachers in Jordan School District to address and close student achievement gaps through the use of high quality instruction that integrates technology. This survey will help us determine technology needs for the 2024-25 school year.

Use the link below to complete the end of year DTL Survey from USBE. Survey is due April 29, 2024.

Utah Waterways FlyerCentral Utah Water Conservancy District has partnered with Jordan School District to provide an Inservice that focuses on the connection between water and Utah's ecosystems. During the program educators will explore issues related to the Great Salt Lake, Colorado River, and more.

Friday, April 19, 2024 | 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. | PDC 103 at the Auxiliary Services Building

Recommended Grade Levels: 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th

Hands-on Lesson Blocks Include:

  • Who Gets The Water - Exploring water law along the Colorado River
  • Will I Get Eaten - Exploring how invasive species affect native species in Utah Lake
  • Safe Salinity - Exploring how the percentage of salt in the water in the Great Salt Lake affects its ecosystems
  • Snacks
  • Enroll on JPLS
    The course #102018
    2 relicensure points
  • Utah Waterways Flyer

CRX Enrollment PostcardPlease watch your mail for a postcard from CRX International.  They are a pharmacy that allows our members to receive name brand drugs at NO COST to you.  If you are currently on a medication that qualifies for this program, you will be receiving the attached postcard in the mail.

Please don't ignore it.  This can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Please contact Insurance Services 801-567-8146 or email us at  You can also visit our website for additional information and a full list of medications that you can get through this program.

If you are a contracted employee (Benefit eligible) and need to take Annual/Personal Leave on a Critical Day before or after Memorial Day for any reason not listed in policy DP335NEG or DP335B, you must submit a request as follows:

How to Request
During the window, the employee must send the request through email. Please include your name, school, position and the date you are requesting the leave. Requests left on voicemail or over the phone will NOT be accepted.

The employee will receive an email confirmation within two working days after submitting the request. If the employee does not receive a confirmation email, then Human Resources has NOT received your request and your leave will not be approved.

School Holiday Date of Holiday Impacted Days Window
Memorial Day May 27, 2024 May 24 and 28, 2024 April 12 – April 22, 2024

The following are friendly reminders from the state’s testing ethics policy:

  • “Utah LEAs and Licensed Utah educators may use a student’s score from a statewide assessment to improve the student’s academic grade for or demonstrate the student’s competency within a relevant course.”
  • “Licensed Utah educators shall ensure that:
    • “Students are not penalized who have been exempted by a parent from a statewide assessment
    • “Students aren’t provided a nonacademic award for participating in or performing well on a statewide assessment
    • “Students are provided an alternate learning activity if they are exempted by a parent from a statewide assessment”

The following additional guidance may help address specific questions that arise from the part of the state’s testing ethics policy quoted above:

  • Using a student’s score from a state assessment can only improve a student’s grade – not hurt it.
  • Educators may not use a student’s score on a state assessment to determine an overall grade for the course. It can be used in conjunction with other evidence to help determine a student’s overall grade.
  • Educators may not assign participation points on students’ grades for taking a state assessment.
  • The alternate learning activity for students whose parents have opted them out of taking the state assessment can be an alternate assessment. That said, using a student’s score on the alternate assessment or activity on a student’s grade can only improve the student’s grade – not hurt it.
    • In addition, if the incentive is that a student who demonstrates proficiency on a state assessment means that they don’t have to take the class final exam, then students who have been opted out would also need two opportunities to demonstrate proficiency. For instance, if a student who was opted out demonstrated proficiency on the alternate assessment (administered while other students took the state assessment), then they wouldn’t have to take the class final exam.

Please contact Ben Jameson in Evaluation, Research & Accountability with questions.

LCS Multilingual Family Night Flyer SampleLanguage & Culture Services is inviting parents to come out to their feeder high school to learn about English language learning in our District. Use the following links to find the flyer for your feeder school.

All events will take place at the high schools from 6:30 - 8 p.m.

LCS Virtual Training FlyerLog on to learn about the supplemental services you can use with your multilingual students. Language & Culture Services will have training for teachers grades K-6 on Imagine Learning and 7-12 on National Geographic.

SchoolAI FlyerWe hope you love using AI as you prepare lessons and materials for your classroom. As part of our SchoolAI adoption in Jordan School District, Digital Teaching and Learning would like to invite you to attend an optional PD training to help you use SchoolAI to its fullest potential.  We are hosting a training from 1:00–2:30 p.m. on April 12th with our partners from SchoolAI for all interested teachers.  Please bring your device and your questions to learn along with DTL and SchoolAI.  See you next week!

  • What: Using AI Effectively in the Classroom: Optional PD Training
  • When: 1 p.m. on April 12
  • Where: West Jordan High School Auditorium
  • Who: All Teachers Interested in AI

My County Rec Pass FlyerSalt Lake County Parks & Recreation is offering the My County Rec Pass to Salt Lake County residents, ages 5–18. The My County Rec Pass includes free access to use Salt Lake County operated recreation centers and amenities, including:

  • 18 swimming pools (indoor and outdoor)
  • 3 ice centers
  • 2 climbing walls
  • Gyms
  • Weight rooms
  • Fitness areas
  • Walking tracks

Pre-Registration Opens: April 1 and pass activates June 1. Parents/guardians may sign up their 5–18 year old(s) at a Salt Lake County operated recreation center. Both child and guardian must register in person. Parent/guardian must bring ID or proof of Salt Lake County residency.