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Information Regarding a (URS) Roth IRA

Roth Rocks - full text in postThe advantage of a Roth IRA is the potential to withdraw tax-free in retirement.

You pay taxes upfront by contributing after tax dollars. In return, you enjoy tax-free withdrawals when you meet certain conditions — generally, that the account is at least five years old and you’re over age 59.

Contribute to your URS Roth IRA through payroll deductions. You may also roll funds from other Roth IRAs or other retirement plans to your URS account.

IRS limits apply to your combined contributions to all traditional and Roth IRAs.

Because most of your retirement income sources — pension, Social Security, 401(k) — will likely be taxed, the Roth IRA gives you tax diversity in retirement.

Here’s another great thing about the Roth IRA: You can withdraw your contributions (not counting any earnings) without taxes or penalties at any time. This makes it perfect for saving for both retirement and unexpected expenses.

Learn more about the URS Roth IRA on the URS Roth IRA page.