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Sick Bank Opt Out Tutorial

DP324 NEG - Sick Leave- Licensed and DP326 NEG - Sick Leave- Education Support Professionals

Welcome to the 2023-24 contract year! As an annual reminder, in accordance with DP326 NEG H. 1. and 2. and DP324 NEG H. 1. and 2., participation in the Employee-Funded Sick Leave Bank requires a contract employee to annually donate one day of accumulated annual leave into the Sick Leave Bank.  The Employee-Funded Sick Leave Bank is not intended to be used for in-and-out absences, elective medical procedures or other medical care that could be scheduled during non-contract time.

Each year, contract employees wishing to opt out of participation in the sick bank must annually complete the appropriate online form in Employee Access no later than September 1 for current employees and October 1 for first-year licensed employees, including administrators. This opt out request must be submitted annually. Prior to completion of this form, it is strongly encouraged to review all District Leave Policies.

Prior to completion of this form, it is strongly encouraged to review all District Leave Policies. 

  1. Log in to your Skyward Employee Access. (If you do not know your login and/or password, contact the Information Systems Help Desk at 801-567- 8737)
  2. Select “Task Manager” under the Jump to Other Dashboards widget. 
  3. Under “Task Processes” select “Sick Bank Opt Out.” 
  4. Open the Sick Bank Request form, enter information in all required fields and then click the “Save” button. 
  5. Click the “Next” button and enter Notes, as appropriate. 
  6. Click the “Next” button past Attachments; no attachments are requested. 
  7. Click the “Next” button until you reach the final step “Choose Next Task.” 

Click the “Submit Sick Leave Bank Opt Out” button to submit the Sick Bank Opt Out Request. An email will be sent to your District email account confirming the Sick Bank Opt Out submission. 

Sick Bank Opt Out Processing
Please note that the submission needs to be submitted by September 1 (current employees)/October 1 (for first year employees), but there will be a delay in removing the Sick Bank Donation from your time off, which returns your annual leave day to your available leave balances.

Questions regarding Sick Bank should be directed to the HR Generalist at 801-567-8249.
If you need additional assistance with the completion or submission of this form, contact the Administrative Assistant at your location or the HR Generalist.

*Education Support Professionals who are considered ‘provisional’ as of July 1 and hourly employees (non-contract), are not eligible for sick bank benefits that year, therefore, a sick bank donation will not be deducted (if applicable).  Please be aware that policies and eligibility requirements for Licensed (DP324 NEG) and Education Support Professionals (DP326 NEG) employees are different.  These and other District policies are available for review at