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STEM K-12 Personalized Learning Software Grant

Dear Teachers,

It is time to submit applications for the K-12 Math Personalized Learning Software Grant, which is intended to provide schools with access to math personalized learning software programs to improve student outcomes in mathematics literacy. The deadline for the grant is March 27, 2020. This application must be submitted at the school level, but needs to be signed by Amy Kinder, in the Teaching & Learning Department, and an Instructional Technology Specialist. Only ONE submission per school is allowed.

Please work with your administration and technology coach to determine how this grant could be used to provide software licenses to enhance the mathematics instruction taking place in your building. Funding is limited, so the Utah STEM Action Center asks that we are intentional in choosing the product(s) and number of licenses for the product(s) requested.

Please be aware that if the licenses provided through this grant are not used or are under- utilized by a school, they may be revoked. In addition, Jordan School District may be barred from applying for this grant in the future.

To be effective, here are the recommendations for the use of each product:




Usage Recommendations

Curriculum Associates



30-49 minutes per week plus 70-100% pass rates




Five lessons per week

McGraw-Hill ALEKS 3-12 1 hour per week OR 5 topics per week
MIND Research Institute ST Math K-8 K-1: 60 minutes per week
2-8: 75 minutes per week

Imagine Learning

Imagine Math

K-Algebra 1/ Geometry

Quarter 1: (Sept-Nov 2016)
5+ lessons completed

Quarter 2: (Dec-Feb 2017)
10+ lessons completed

Quarter 3: (Mar-May 2017)
15+ lessons completed




30 minutes per week OR 3 subtopics mastered per week

The mathematics personalized learning software has been shown to have a significant impact on student achievement for those students who met the recommended weekly usage.

We are required to choose from the approved vendors and products in the table above. Please contact the vendors with any questions about the products in which you are interested. They are more than happy to assist you and will often offer additional services to your school if they know that you are applying for the K-12 Math Personalized Learning Software Grant.

Here are links to the vendors’ websites with more information about what they are offering:

Thank you for all that you do for our students. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Noelani Ioane, MS
Mathematics Content Teacher Leader