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You Have 30 Days to Make Changes to Your Insurance Coverage

Insurance Change ReminderPlease Remember!
You have 30 DAYS to make changes if you have a life event:

  • Marriage or change in number of dependents;
  • Change in employment status of employee, spouse, or dependent that causes loss of eligibility;
  • Dependent ceases to satisfy eligibility requirements;
  • Change in residence that causes loss of eligibility;
  • Significant changes in company benefit plan(s), including cost change, significant coverage curtailment, additional or significant improvement of company offered benefits;
  • Change in coverage under another employer plan (including mandatory or optional change initiated by your spouse’s employer or a change initiated by your spouse);
  • Loss of coverage from government plans/programs or educational institution;
  • COBRA qualifying event (termination/reduction of hours, employee death, divorce/legal separation, ceasing to be a dependent);
  • Other changes resulting from a judgment, decree, or order; Medicare or Medicaid entitlement; or FMLA leave of absence;
  • Divorce or legal separation (60 Days Notification);
  • Loss of CHIP or Medicaid eligibility; gaining CHIP or Medicaid subsidy eligibility (60 Days)

If you have questions, please refer to the Master Policy found online at the Insurance Department page or contact them at  801-567-8146.