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March 2021 Be Well Newsletter

March 2021 Be WellCheck out the March 2021 Be Well newsletter from EMI. Stories include:

  • Immunity Support on Your Plate - If you’ve read a headline that mentions immune boosting, don’t believe the hype. The idea of boosting the immune system with supplements or specific ingredients is misleading and scientifically inaccurate.
  • Plant-Based: What Does It Mean? - Plant-based eating is a lifestyle where you choose to eat mostly whole foods that come from plants. The plan involves replacing highly processed foods with lots of vegetables, fruit, grains, beans, soy, lentils, nuts and seeds. Plant-based diets are good for human health and also for our planet.
  • Avoid Doom Scrolling - Repeatedly checking out bad news can be unhealthy. Of course, the internet and social media are popular ways to stay informed about things that can potentially impact your safety or that of your region: a pandemic, hurricanes or earthquakes. But doom scrolling (also known as doom surfing) — searching for and reading article after article filled with bad news — isn’t healthy.
  • Recipe for Laughter - The ability to laugh easily and often is seriously good medicine. Laughter appears to strengthen immunity and cardiovascular health, improve attitude and memory, and ease pain and distressing emotions.

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