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  • Payroll Due: 9/2/20
  • Last day to change direct deposit accounts: 9/10/20
    ** Please let Payroll know of any changes to your account after this date. Any bank account changes will affect your check on payday.
  • Paychecks available for viewing in Employee Access: 9/23/20
    ** Strongly recommended
  • Payday 9/25/20

True Time Deadlines for Pay Period 8/3/20 – 9/6/20

  • Employee Final Submittal: 9/9/20
  • First Approval: 9/11/20
  • Final Approval: 9/15/20

Please inform new True Time employees of these deadlines.

Parent/Teacher Conference
Middle & High School 9/21 - 9/24 (TBD)
(Comp Day 9/25)

As per DP335: Licensed employees may not use an annual or personal leave day if absent from parent/teacher conferences. They may use a no-pay day if applicable.

Labor Day Recess
All Employees: 9/7/20

As per DP 335(B): Employees who have not been approved by Human Resources for using an annual day or a personal day before and after a holiday may be docked (certified $131 or classified 40% of their daily rate).

Please refer to policy for further clarification.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in compliance with the State of Utah Public Health Order, Jordan School District requires employees to wear face coverings while at work.

Jordan School District recognizes that some employees may have a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that prevents wearing a face covering. In order to receive an exemption from the State’s face covering requirements, the included exemption form must be completed by your primary care provider and returned to June LeMaster in Human Resources.  Your request will be evaluated and if approved, alternative options will be provided.

Families First Corona Virus Relief Act (FFCRA) Leave – Employees who are either exposed to or have contracted COVID-19 are entitled to 80 hours of FFCRA leave, above their District leave benefits and are not expected to use their own leave benefits for COVID-19 illness, unless the necessary leave goes beyond 80 hours.  In employee access, employees must enter the “other” leave code, select the FMLA reason code and enter FFCRA in their description, as per their approval email.

A tutorial for applying for FFCRA leave was made available to employees in JEM on April 2, 2020.

For questions or additional information regarding any JSD leave benefits, please contact:

Jane Olsen, HR Generalist
Phone 801-567-8249


Learn & Work in UTThe Teacher Education Department at Southern Utah University is so excited to announce that the application is now open for a free college credit certificate in Enriched Teaching Skills & Practices for the Professional Instructor.

This one-time, no-cost opportunity is part of the Learn and Work in Utah response to the impact of COVID-19 and its impact on current teachers and educators. Certificates are designed to stack into SUU degree programs providing a financial jump start to those with long term education goals. The certificate will equal nine credits and count for three of the four elective courses required for a Masters Degree in Education at SUU.

Sign up immediately if you are interested because space is limited. Go to for information and to apply! Or share #learnandworkinUT #suukeeplearning in your social media sites.

The target audience for our certificate is in-service teachers, aides, substitutes, and parents interested in professionally developing their skills in technology, classroom management and the law. The goal of this certificate is twofold. First, teachers and educators can access professional development opportunities in skills they critically need and second, they can apply the credits toward a master’s degree in education that will help in-service teachers receive an increase in pay.

Welcome to the 2020-21 contract year! As an annual reminder, in accordance with DP326 NEG and DP324 NEG, participation in the Employee-Funded Sick Leave Bank requires an employee to annually donate one day of accumulated annual leave into the Sick Leave Bank.  The Employee-Funded Sick Leave Bank is not intended to be used for in-and-out absences, elective medical procedures or other medical care that could be scheduled during non-contract time.

Employees wishing to opt out of participation in the Employee-Funded Sick Leave Bank must log in to their Employee Access and complete the opt out process no later than September 1st. First year educators have until October 1st. This opt out request must be submitted annually.

Skyward Panel VisualsPrior to completion of this form, it is strongly encouraged to review all District Leave Policies.

  1. Log in to your Skyward Employee Access. (If you do not know your login and/or password, contact the Information Systems Help Desk at 801-567-8737.)
  2. Select “Task Manager” under the Jump to Other Dashboards widget.
  3. Under “Task Processes” select “Sick Bank Opt Out.”
  4. Open the Sick Bank Request form, enter information in all required fields and then click the “Save” button.
  5. Click the “Next” button and enter Notes, as appropriate.
  6. Click the “Next” button past Attachments; no attachments are requested.
  7. Click the “Next” button until you reach the final step “Choose Next Task.” Click the “Submit Sick Leave Bank Opt Out” button to submit the Sick Bank Opt Out Request. An email will be sent to your District email account confirming the Sick Bank Opt Out submission.

Sick Bank Opt Out Processing

Please note that the submission needs to be made by September 1, but there will be a delay in removing the Sick Bank Donation from your time off, which returns your sick leave day to your available leave balances.

Questions regarding Sick Bank should be directed to the HR Generalist at 801-567-8249.
If you need additional assistance with the completion or submission of this form, contact the Administrative Assistant at your location or the HR Generalist.

*First year Education Support Professionals and hourly employees are not eligible for sick bank, therefore, a sick bank day will not be deducted (if applicable).  Please be aware that policies and eligibility requirements for Licensed (DP324 NEG) and Education Support Professionals (DP326 NEG) employees are different.  These and other District policies are available for review at

Jordan School District Employees are responsible for knowing and adhering to all District policies and procedures. The crucial policy review is now available to District employees in Skyward through "Online Forms."   As a condition of continued employment, all employees, with the exception of minor students, will be required to complete the crucial policy review by November 1, 2020.

Employees may access this policy review via their Employee Access in Skyward. If you assistance in accessing Skyward, please call the help desk at 801-567-USER (8737).

Last night, after negotiations with JESPA and JEA, the Board of Education voted to approve changes to leave policies for all benefit-eligible employees. Below is a brief summary of what those changes mean, as well as a description of federal leave options available through December 2020.

Changes to Leave Policy

  • 6 weeks of maternity leave is available to all benefit-eligible employees.
  • 2 weeks of paternity leave is available to all benefit-eligible employees (to be taken in the first year of the child’s life).
  • Instead of receiving sick, family sick, and personal leave, employees will receive an equal amount of “annual leave” that can be used for any purpose.
  • Any annual leave days that are not used by July 1 each year will convert to sick leave.
  • All personal and sick leave accrued before July 1 remains available and unchanged.

Federal Leave Assistance through FFCRA

  • The Families First Coronavirus Response Act entitles employees to the following leave above and beyond what is offered through policy:
    • 80 hours of leave for employees who cannot work because of quarantine.
    • 80 hours of leave at ⅔ pay to care for an individual who has been quarantined.
    • 10 weeks of leave at ⅔ pay to provide child care for a child whose school or daycare has closed because of COVID-19.

Additional Information

  • A moratorium has been placed on all low-absence or no-absence incentives.
  • Teachers may be able to teach from home virtually during quarantine, avoiding the need to take leave.
  • Individuals must be employed for at least 30 days to qualify for federal leave.
  • The deadline for using vacation leave accrued during the 2019-20 school year has been extended to December 2020.

Employees should review the documents at the links below and/or consult with the Human Resources department or their supervisor before making decisions about leave. 

Policies - Licensed

Policies - ESP

STEM Grant Flyer - Students practicing chemistrySTEM Classroom Grants
The PreK-12 Classroom grant expands opportunities for idea-sharing and innovation. Utah Educators and administrators at Utah public schools can implement innovative new approaches to STEM experiences in their classroom, with their findings being shared at STEM conferences an awards event.

STEM Competition Grants
The STEM Competition Grant was designed to support Utah students, grades K-12, participating in STEM competitions throughout the state. Award amounts range between $500 to $5,000.

Classroom and Competition Grant applications now open, closing September 30th.

The purpose of the video is to welcome our new teachers to Jordan School District, introduce key personnel and department heads, and provide contact information for essential resources.

The New Teacher Induction video should be viewed by all new teachers by August 14th. The video presentation is at the principal’s discretion on date and time; however, we encourage new teachers be provided the opportunity to view the video with their assigned mentor.  For this purpose, please make sure each new teacher has been assigned a mentor by August 10th.

We also encourage all staff members to have an opportunity to view the video. You may want to include the video as part of your teacher training, or to be viewed by teams. The video lasts approximately 25 minutes.

Ongoing induction training and support will be provided by the Teaching and Learning Department. More information is coming.

Jordan School District Board of Education:


Human Resources:

Insurance Department:


Payroll Department:

Student Services:

Superintendent Dr. Anthony Godfrey:

Teaching & Learning:



Education Language Services is a program within Teaching & Learning that provides culturally competent educational support to schools, families, and communities of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds through program services, professional interaction, effective communication, and community collaboration.

Here's a video to introduce you to the ELS team.  Also, take a moment to check out our "How to Page for All things ELS" flyer below. More info can be found at

  • Payroll Due: Aug. 4
  • Last day to change direct deposit accounts: Aug. 10
    ** Please let Payroll know of any changes to your account after this date.
  • Any bank account changes will affect your check on payday.
  • Paychecks available for viewing in Employee Access: Aug. 21
    ** Strongly recommended
  • Payday: Aug. 25

True Time Deadlines for Pay Period July 1 – August 2, 2020

  • Employee Final Submittal: Aug. 5
  • First Approval: Aug. 7
  • Final Approval: Aug. 11

Please inform new True Time employees of these deadlines.

Jordan Education Foundation (JEF) CLASSROOM GRANT applications will be accepted August 1, 2020 through October 31, 2020

JEF Classroom Grants are used to fund a teacher’s innovative and creative classroom projects that enrich standard curriculum and directly enhance learning opportunities for students in Jordan School District.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our community in many ways and while some expected funding has been lost for this year's Classroom Grants, JEF is pleased to announce that Classroom Grants will resume this year!

Classroom Grant applications will be accepted from August 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020 or until funding is depleted.  However, actual grant awards may be received up through Friday, November 20, 2020 – OR UNTIL FUNDING IS DEPLETED.  Both the application period and the funding period will end before November 20 if JEF funds have been exhausted by eligible projects. Bottom line: APPLY EARLY!

Changes have been made to the 2020-21 grant funding amounts and grants will only be awarded until funding is depleted.  JEF will fund UP TO $250 PER TEACHER.  These allotments can be combined and put toward a larger grant amount.  For example, four teachers can combine and apply for a $1,000 Grant.  OR, four teachers can combine and apply for a grant on DonorsChoose (WITH A MATCHING OFFER) and receive up to $2,000 in materials.  In any scenario, JEF will only be able to fund $250 per teacher.  Teachers may only apply once - either individually or with a team.  We continue to encourage applying through to take advantage of matching offers.

Restrictions: The following categories are not eligible for funding: Salaries, professional development, honorariums, stipends, & educator travel.

Licensed, full-time teachers in Jordan District (Utah), including art, P.E. and music, may apply.

2020-21 Classroom Grant Application Process:

  • Step 1 Go to Create a Donors Choose account and project. Use the criteria provided within the JEF Google Form to describe your project.
  • Step 2 Go to, and select the Classroom Grants APPLY HERE link found on the front page.
  • Step 3 Provide the link to your Donors Choose project in Section 2 of the JEF Google Form. (This is how we’ll know which projects to fund).
  • Step 4 If your project does not meet Donors Choose requirements or is for materials/licenses that are not covered by Donors Choose, please complete the “APPLICATIONS NOT APPLICABLE TO DONORS CHOOSE” Section 3 of the JEF Google Form.
  • Step 5 Submit application to JEF

If you have any questions about the application or funding process, please call Jordan Education Foundation at 801-567-8125.

Summer Science PD FlyerThe Teaching & Learning Science team is offering summer science professional development classes on August 3, 2020 at the Auxilary Services Building.  There are 12 seats available in each class and unlimited online attendees. Each session is one hour long and offered multiple times between 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. Specific session times will be available when you register in JPLS.

  • Intro to 3D Science & FOSS Online
    JPLS - 101611
  • Science Model Lesson (FOSS Based)
    JPLS - 101610
  • Intro to Science
    JPLS - 101612
    This session will give you ALL the information about science curriculum you can use this year! Don't miss this one!

Important Payroll dates for July 2020

  • Payroll Due: July 2
  • Last day to change direct deposit accounts:  July 12
    ** Please let Payroll know of any changes to your account after this date. Any bank account changes will affect your check on payday.
  • Paychecks available for viewing in Employee Access: July 21
    ** Strongly recommended
  • Payday:  July 23

Attendance Incentive will be paid on the July 25th pay check to eligible employees

True Time Deadlines for Pay Period
June 1 – June 30, 2020

  • Employee Final Submittal: July 8
  • First Approval:  July 10
  • Final Approval:  July 14 

Please inform new True Time employees of these deadlines.

Independence and Pioneer Day Holidays

  • Independence Day:  July 3
  • Pioneer Day: July 24

As per DP 335(B):  Employees who have not been approved by Human Resources for using a personal day before and after a holiday may be docked (certified $116 or classified 40% of their daily rate).

Please refer to policy for further clarification.

The following are new administrative assignments:

Assignment Effective July 1, 2020:


  • Adrienne Yancey, teacher at West Jordan Elementary, appointed assistant principal at Eastlake and Golden Fields Elementary.
  • Ami Shah, assistant principal at Eastlake and West Jordan Elementary, appointed assistant principal at West Jordan Elementary.
  • Kathryn Crandall, assistant principal at Columbia and Golden Fields Elementary, appointed assistant principal at Columbia Elementary.
  • Elizabeth Felt, assistant principal at Blackridge and South Jordan Elementary, appointed assistant principal at Blackridge Elementary.
  • Kimberly Ranney, achievement coach in Canyons School District, appointed assistant principal at Rose Creek and South Jordan Elementary.


  • Sharon Jensen, principal at Valley High, appointed consultant in Student Services, replacing Mary Ann Erdmann who retired.
  • Jacinto Peterson, assistant principal at Valley High, appointed principal at Valley High, replacing Sharon Jensen who was transferred.
  • Tyler Jones, assistant principal at South Hills Middle, appointed assistant principal at Valley High, replacing Jacinto Peterson who was promoted.
  • Spencer Campbell, assistant principal at Elk Ridge Middle, appointed assistant principal at South Hills Middle, replacing Tyler Jones who was transferred.
  • Danielle Hanson, assistant principal at West Jordan Middle, appointed assistant principal at Elk Ridge Middle, replacing Spencer Campbell who was transferred.
  • Georgia Wing, assistant principal at Herriman High, appointed assistant principal at West Jordan Middle, replacing Danielle Hanson who was transferred.
  • John Vincent, assistant principal at Bingham High, appointed assistant principal at Herriman High, replacing Georgia Wing who was transferred.

Don’t Miss Out on Open Enrollment | May 15 – June 30

All benefit eligible employees will need to login to the InfinityHR enrollment system to verify dependents, add beneficiary information, make open enrollment elections, enroll in Flexible Spending and confirm H.S.A. payroll deductions. Instructions below

Open Enrollment Tips

FSA and Dependent Care
If you wish to participate in flexible spending or dependent care, you must elect new amounts for your flexible spending account each year using the online enrollment tool Amounts do not roll over.

H.S.A. Contributions
Please go on online using the online enrollment tool to verify H.S.A. payroll deductions. If you do not enter your monthly deduction, it will revert to $0. If you already have a direct deposit on file with payroll you do not need to complete the Direct Deposit section.

Benefit Statement Confirmation
Be sure you receive a Confirmation Statement after you review and confirm your elections.Open Enrollment Dialog Box

The federal government recently issued temporary guidance related to flexible spending accounts

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic congress recently expanded eligible expenses to include over the counter medication without a prescription and feminine hygiene care products. If you have any questions about what is covered on FLEX, give PEHP Flex Department a call at 801-366-7503.

Members may use any flexible spending account balances beyond the original deadline. Anyone using a medical (FSA) or a dependent care flex plans will have until December 31, 2020 to spend any unused amounts at the end of the plan year and until March 31, 2020 to submit claims. For example, the plan year ends August 31, 2020, and a member had excess FSA funds that they couldn’t use in the last few months due to COVID-19 closing many medical services, that member could use any excess funds between September 1 and December 31, 2020 without forfeiting any unused amounts under the “use it or lose it” rule. Any unused amounts after December 31, 2020 will then be forfeited to the plan.

In addition, members may change, or revoke any flexible spending account elections at any time during the calendar year 2020. This means you can stop your deductions going forward. However, if you have already spent the funds your will not be allowed to cancel the plan. For example, if a person has elected more than the person can reasonably spend on dependent care, they may change their election at any point on a prospective basis during the calendar year. No amounts are allowed to be refunded.