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2020-21 Jordan Education Foundation Classroom Grants

Jordan Education Foundation (JEF) CLASSROOM GRANT applications will be accepted August 1, 2020 through October 31, 2020

JEF Classroom Grants are used to fund a teacher’s innovative and creative classroom projects that enrich standard curriculum and directly enhance learning opportunities for students in Jordan School District.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our community in many ways and while some expected funding has been lost for this year's Classroom Grants, JEF is pleased to announce that Classroom Grants will resume this year!

Classroom Grant applications will be accepted from August 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020 or until funding is depleted.  However, actual grant awards may be received up through Friday, November 20, 2020 – OR UNTIL FUNDING IS DEPLETED.  Both the application period and the funding period will end before November 20 if JEF funds have been exhausted by eligible projects. Bottom line: APPLY EARLY!

Changes have been made to the 2020-21 grant funding amounts and grants will only be awarded until funding is depleted.  JEF will fund UP TO $250 PER TEACHER.  These allotments can be combined and put toward a larger grant amount.  For example, four teachers can combine and apply for a $1,000 Grant.  OR, four teachers can combine and apply for a grant on DonorsChoose (WITH A MATCHING OFFER) and receive up to $2,000 in materials.  In any scenario, JEF will only be able to fund $250 per teacher.  Teachers may only apply once - either individually or with a team.  We continue to encourage applying through to take advantage of matching offers.

Restrictions: The following categories are not eligible for funding: Salaries, professional development, honorariums, stipends, & educator travel.

Licensed, full-time teachers in Jordan District (Utah), including art, P.E. and music, may apply.

2020-21 Classroom Grant Application Process:

  • Step 1 Go to Create a Donors Choose account and project. Use the criteria provided within the JEF Google Form to describe your project.
  • Step 2 Go to, and select the Classroom Grants APPLY HERE link found on the front page.
  • Step 3 Provide the link to your Donors Choose project in Section 2 of the JEF Google Form. (This is how we’ll know which projects to fund).
  • Step 4 If your project does not meet Donors Choose requirements or is for materials/licenses that are not covered by Donors Choose, please complete the “APPLICATIONS NOT APPLICABLE TO DONORS CHOOSE” Section 3 of the JEF Google Form.
  • Step 5 Submit application to JEF

If you have any questions about the application or funding process, please call Jordan Education Foundation at 801-567-8125.