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Mental Health University 101 for Jan. 2021

Jan. 2021 Monthly Wellness Challenge FlyerGet clarity for 2021! Focus on your mental and emotional well-being in this challenge and explore how to improve self-care through mindfulness and meditation.

Join PEHP for a 3-week email based “course” and challenge including an intro to Mental Health!

  • WEEK 1 Self-Care isn’t Selfish: Learn the importance of self-care and how to put daily deposits into your emotional bank account to increase your overall well-being.
  • WEEK 2 Calm Space, Calm Mind, Calm Body: Learn how our environment can influence our mood and ways to create tranquil spaces in your home or office.
  • WEEK 3 Tap into your True Self: Learn how to nurture your spirit by becoming mindful and connect more authentically with yourself.

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Wellness challenges are email based, self-paced educational programs that focus on areas of well-being. Often used to jumpstart habits and personal goals, challenges provide information, resources, and motivation to help you achieve good health.