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2021-22 JEA Negotiated Agreement

The Board of Education has reached negotiated agreements with JEA. Details of the agreements can be found below:

  • All salary levels on the traditional licensed salary schedule will be increased $1,875 (base salary of $50,500).
  • Employees will cover fifty (50) percent of any future insurance premium increase and the District will cover fifty (SO) percent of any future insurance premium increase; however, there is no insurance premium increase for the 2021-22 contract year.
  • Teacher Legislative funds will be distributed at a standard rate per qualifying teacher regardless of years of service or the school level of the employee.
  • Notification from Human Resources will be sent on October 1 and February 1 informing applicable employees that a seventh period has been authorized and approved but is subject to change.
  • The 187th contract day will remain as a flexible work day, not specified on the calendar but must be worked by Thanksgiving of each year.
  • Due to the moratorium placed on DP354 NEG -Attendance Incentive-Licensed last year for the current year, the funds normally used for this incentive were instead used to pay those individuals who would not have otherwise qualified for the State COVID Stipend. As a result, no attendance incentives will be paid in July 2021.
  • DP304 NEG Teacher Transfer policy suspended through September 30, 2020.
  • Two policies will be updated.
    • Policy DP354 NEG Attendance Incentive will be revised to allow teachers who have up to four absences to receive the full absence incentive amount.
    • Policy A5 NEG Released Time for Licensed Employee Agent Group President will be revised to include clarifications and updates that reflect current practices.