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2021 Workout Warrior Schedule

Workout Warrior is a monthly email-based physical activity challenge that’s moderated by PEHP Wellness staff. Enroll at to receive weekly motivational email messages, then track and report your activity each month to be entered to win an egift card.

  • Jan. 4-31: New Year – New Goals
    Start the New Year off on the right track by setting small, attainable goals that add up to big improvements in your overall health. We’ll provide motivational tips and tricks to help you achieve your physical activity goals.
  • Feb. 1-28: Boost Your Immunity
    In the cold and darkness of winter we can all benefit from a boost to our immune systems. Learn how regular physical activity improves immunity which can prevent illness, increase energy, and improve overall mood!
  • March 1-31:Mindful March
    Physical activity doesn’t have to be grueling. In fact, everyday activity can add up to meaningful health benefits. Get some ideas on how to incorporate mindful movement in your everyday life.
  • April 5-30: Simple Stretching
    Feel tight from sitting all day? Taking the time to stretch most days improves flexibility, decreases risk of injury, and can improve overall mood. We’ll show you some simple stretches that can make a huge difference!
  • May 3-31: Exercise Snacking
    Having a hard time squeezing exercise into your hectic schedule? “Exercise snacking,” involves incorporating small, consistent bouts of exercise throughout the day. See if exercise snacking could work for you!
  • June 1-30: Strong Summer Abs
    Too often when we hear “summer abs” we think of a chiseled six-pack, but the benefits of strong abs go far beyond the surface. We’ll teach you the most effective ab exercises to strengthen your core - for summer, or any season.
  • July 6-31:Back and Shoulders
    If you’re not careful, sitting at a desk all day can wreak havoc on your posture leaving you with tight back and shoulder muscles. Find out how to counter the effects of bad posture by strengthening and relaxing the back and shoulders.
  • Aug. 2-30: Beat the Heat
    Summer is great, but by the time August rolls around some might start feeling the effects of the heat. This can leave you feeling drained, exhausted and not wanting to go outside. We’ll help you beat the heat and stay motivated to continue being active while staying cool!
  • Sept. 7-30: Train Your Brain
    By now we have heard of the many benefits of exercise on our physical health - but what about our brains? Explore how movement impacts the brain by improving memory, focus, judgment and more!
  • Oct. 5-31: Balance and Stability
    For young and old alike, improving balance keeps our minds and bodies agile preventing injuries down the road. Learn skills to improve your balance for a lifetime.
  • Nov. 2-30: Planksgiving
    Planking is one of the best and safest ways to strengthen your core and alleviate back pain. Plank your way to Thanksgiving this month with hybrid and plank variations.
  • Dec. 6-31: Santa’s Step Up
    Decrease stress and increase needed energy for the holiday season by getting some steps in! Join this month’s Santa’s Step Up challenge to motivate you to continue being active during the holidays.