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Job Opportunities at New Schools

Dear JSD Educators,

The District will open a new elementary school in South Jordan and a Virtual school at each level beginning in August, 2021.  Applications are now being accepted. For information regarding positions available in Phase A, a position advertising schedule, position descriptions and instructions on how to apply, visit the JSD Job Postings at the New Schools page.

Additional compensated work for certain positions may be required prior to the beginning of the contract year.

JSD educators interested in applying for the positions listed above ​must submit ​an application​ using Skyward "Employee Access".  Please see the attached tutorial for application instructions.  External applications for licensed positions will be accepted after JSD educators have been give first consideration.

For assistance in accessing Skyward Employee Access, please contact the Help Desk at 801-567-8737.  For questions regarding positions at each school, please contact the appropriate principal.