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Come join Utah Retirement Systems for an informational webinar on your retirement benefits.  The following webinars are available in May and June for URS members to attend:

Tier 2 Choice
If you’re within the first year on the job, you’ve got a big decision for your financial future. This webinar will help you understand your retirement choice between the Tier 2 Hybrid Retirement System and the Tier 2 Defined Contribution Plan.
May 16, 10:00 a.m. » Register Now

To Convert, or Not to Convert?  The Roth IRA Question
Are you looking for opportunities to diversify your taxes in retirement? A Roth conversion may be just what you are looking for. This webinar will explain how you might be able to convert 401(k), 457, or IRA money into a Roth IRA.
June 21, 2:00 p.m. » Register Now

See post for flyer textJoin us in the spirit of classroom improvement by incorporating research-based mind and body wellness. This is not just play, it is play with a purpose; brain reception, classroom behavior, attendance, and healthier kids. Attendees will be provided with activities, equipment, resources, and support to realistically incorporate physical activity into every student’s day and support core content areas. Active participation is expected – wear appropriate clothing and bring a water bottle.

  • Date: June 11, 2019
  • Time: 7:30am – 4:00 pm
  • Place: Davis Conference Center
  • 1651 North 700 West
  • Layton, Utah 84041

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Patty Norman, Deputy Superintendent of Student Achievement, Utah State Board of Education

Lunch Panel will include elementary teachers and PE specialists sharing ideas to successfully incorporate activity throughout the school day.

Cost of Conference
$35 for Teachers

Conference fee includes the following:

  • Shape Utah Membership
  • Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds Conference
  • Lunch and Snack
  • 8 Re-licensure Points
  • Resources and tools to use in your classroom

Contact Jodi Parker (Kaufman), Health and Physical Education Specialist, with questions: 801-538-7734


  • STEM Activities
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Elementary PE
  • Playworks
  • Gopher Sport
  • Revised Health Education Standards
  • Prevent Child Abuse
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Juggling
  • Nutrition
  • Science and Movement
  • First Tee Golf


Registration and Payment through MIDAS (Visa & Mastercard only).

For MIDAS support contact Krystol Carfaro: 801-538-7988,

UEN Summer Super BlitzThe Jordan District Digital Learning Team is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual UEN Summer Super Blitz. UEN instructors will be bringing five great courses to Jordan School District. Courses are eligible for SUU, USBE, or licensure credit. Each course runs from 8:30am - 4:00pm at the Jordan School District ASB.

Immersive Learning with Breakout EDU
ISTEStandard 1 | July 8-9 | 8:30am-4:00pm | ASB PDC102
Designed for educators who want to step up student engagement while tackling the Four Cs of education (creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration). Breakout EDU is education's spin on the escape room. In this 2-day course, educators will participate in multiple Breakout EDU learning games, explore the tools and resources needed to develop their own game, and learn modifications for every age, ability level and budget. Breakout EDU can be used with all content areas and ages.

Create Online Educational Media
ISTEStandard 2| July 8-9| 8:30am-4:00pm | ASB PDC103
This course helps teachers find and create digital learning objects to support student learning using resources from UEN?s Pioneer Online Library, eMedia, my.uen and more. Participants practice 21st Century skills such as creating mashups, virtual pop-up books, educational interactives and more while exploring strategies for integrating digital media in ways that can increase student engagement and positive learning outcomes. Special emphasis is placed on the ethical use of source material.

Creating Critical Thinkers Through Coding
ISTEStandard 1 | July 10-11| 8:30am-4:00pm | ASB PDC102
Designed for non-computer programming educators who are interested in making coding part of their curriculum, either in regular classroom instruction or as part of an after school program. This online workshop will focus on improving students' critical thinking and problem solving skills utilizing coding activities, both unplugged and online. This course covers the basic concepts of coding and will teach participants beginning elements of the coding language Blockly. Additionally, educators will program various robots and other educational manipulatives.

Canvas for Online Learning
UEN Essentials | July 10 | 8:30am-4:00pm | ASB PDC103
This course is for teachers who want to learn how to enhance student learning with educational technology and media. Participants explore eMedia, Utah ITV, Thinkfinity and other online resources; create virtual tours and presentations; and learn strategies for helping students develop visual literacy and critical thinking skills.
Flex Course Option: Experience learning with the best of both worlds, online and in-person. Flex courses allow you to spend one day in the UEN lab and complete the remainder of the course online.

Canvas for K-5 Classroom
UEN Essentials | July 11 | 8:30am-4:00pm | ASB PDC103
In this course, participants will be introduced to the basics of Canvas and how it can work effectively in a K-5 classroom. Elements of organization, communication, assignments, and grades will be addressed in regards to how this tool can be productively used to blend your classroom and use technology to engage students and increase learning.
Flex Course Option: Experience learning with the best of both worlds, online and in-person. Flex courses allow you to spend one day in the UEN lab and complete the remainder of the course online.

plan chartsJordan School District Open Enrollment is June 1, 2019 through July 31, 2019, for an effective date of September 1, 2019.

Benefit Presentations and Q&A Meeting Schedule
District Office, Room 129
7387 South Campus View Drive
May 22 at 4:00 pm and May 23 at 5:00 pm

Health and Benefits Fair
The Health and Benefits Fair has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 12, 2019, at the District Office from 3:30 to 5:30 pm

Representatives from the Public Employees Health Program (PEHP), Express Scripts, CRX International, Dental Select, Opticare, CIGNA Life and Long-Term Disability, AFLAC, Blomquist Hale, Senior Benefits, Utah Retirement Systems and others will be at the Health and Benefits Fair. Free blood pressure, body composition, blood glucose, cholesterol and glaucoma screenings will be provided at no charge.

Health Insurance Benefit Changes
In an effort to maintain a comprehensive offering of benefits, while at the same time keeping premiums at the current level, the following changes will be made for 2019-2020:

No Employee Premium Increase: Premium sheets are located on the District Insurance Department webpage:

Administrative changes recommended by PEHP on all plans.

Health Care Account maximum increased to $2,700.

For the safety of our members an Opioid Management Program implemented.


Dental Select will be the single source Dental Provider. If you are currently enrolled in Dental Select Sliver, Gold or Platinum plans you will continue to be covered under your respective plan. If you are enrolled in EMI or TDA, you will need to complete a Benefit Change form (available on the JSD insurance web page) electing one of the dental plans offered. If you do not submit a Benefit Change form by July 31 you will be automatically enrolled in the plan comparable to the benefit/premium you are currently enrolled in. See attached information sheet for additional details including plan designs and premiums.

Enrollment guide, premium sheets, election forms, carrier information, certificates and notifications (i.e. CHIP, Medicare D Creditable Coverage) are available for review or printing on the District Insurance Department webpage. If you require assistance in accessing the webpage you may contact the insurance office at 801-567-8146 or 801-567-8341.

  • Complete the “Employee Benefit Change Form” ONLY if you are making changes or enrolling for the first time. New hires complete the “New Hire Benefit Election Form”.
  • If you wish to participate in flexible spending you must elect new amounts for your flexible spending account each year. Amounts do not roll over.
  • Current Employees return completed forms to the District Insurance Office by July 31, 2019. Forms may be submitted the following ways:
    • Hand deliver to the JSD Insurance Department (Jordan Landing)
    • Fax: 801-567-8070
    • Scan and email (see emails under contact information)
    • US Mail: 7387 S. Campus View Dr., West Jordan, UT 84084

Flexible Spending enrollment online at Log into PEHP for Members at Click the Online Enrollment button at the top of the page to enroll in FLEX$ during open enrollment. If you have any issues with online enrollment please contact PEHP Flex Department 801-366-7503.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) is a document, required to be made available by Health Care Reform. The purpose of the SBC is to provide information to help employees compare health plans. The SBC is available on the District Insurance Department webpage. A paper copy will be provided upon request. If you have any questions regarding the SBC, please contact a member of the Insurance Department for clarification.

Please familiarize yourself with the benefits in the master policy. A copy will be mailed to your home at the beginning of the new plan year and will also be available on the District Insurance Department webpage.

2019-20 Employee Letter – Insurance Update

Below are three policies and a quick reminder of the Advanced Learning Placement For Students (ALPS) program and twice exceptional students.  Please read through them to refresh your memory.

AS94 – Student Discrimination and Harassment - Jordan School District is committed to providing an educational environment that is free from illegal harassment and other forms of discrimination based upon sex, race, color, ethnic background, national origin, religion, gender, creed, age, citizenship, or disability.

AS98 – Bullying, Cyberbullying and Hazing -  Jordan School District is committed to providing a safe and civil school environment in which all members of the school community are treated with dignity and respect. Clearly Offensive Conduct:  That conduct, be it verbal or nonverbal, which when perceived in its overall context, would be taken by a reasonable person, similarly situated, to be strongly objectionable. Discrimination:  Conduct, including words or gestures and other actions, which adversely affects a student's learning environment or results in disparate treatment based upon their immutable characteristics such as sex, race, color, ethnic background, national origin, religion, gender, creed, age, citizenship, or disability.

AA441 – Privacy Right – Students and Family - Jordan School District Board directs the District Administration to develop policy which assures compliance with privacy requirements when certain information is obtained as part of a student's individual testing or evaluation program or as part of the general curriculum or school activity program.  This policy shall be administered according to federal and state Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) laws. Twice Exceptional (2E) Students: Twice exceptional is a term used to describe students who show advanced abilities or potential for advanced ability, as well showing evidence of one or more disabilities such as specific learning disabilities, speech and language disorders, emotional/behavioral disorders, physical disabilities, autism spectrum, or other impairments such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Jordan District and the ALPS program offers appropriate testing accommodations for twice exceptional students. Furthermore, placement decisions are in no way screened for disabilities or behavior. Jordan District is committed to providing a fair and unbiased process for all applicants to the ALPS program.

Students at a chalkboardIt is time for students to sign up for BYU Teachers Camp. The camp is for youth ages 14-17 to develop teaching skills, confidence and a passion for working as an educator. Students will learn from professors in BYU’s David O. McKay School of Education and experience real-life teaching opportunities in local school. The emphasis for this camp will be on elementary education.

The camp runs June 10 – 14 and June 18 – 21, 2019. For more information visit

State Superintendent Sydnee Dickson is soliciting nominations for positions on the Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission. Five positions are open for three-year terms beginning on July 1, 2019.

See attached information about the positions and to fill out an application.

Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission Application

Utah STEM IllustrationThe STEM Action Center is taking things up a notch – yet again – with exciting opportunities for you and your students.  Registration is open for both STEM events now, and will both close May 31, 2019. Base registration is completed on a first come, first served basis, so make sure you get signed up before spaces are no longer available!

For Educators:
What: STEM Best Practices: Equity Elevated
When:Monday, June 10, 2019 from 8:00 a.m. - 3:30. p.m. (check-in opens at 7:00 a.m.)  Breakfast and lunch provided.
Where: Davis Conference Center
Who: This conference is for educators wanting to learn more about STEM
Why: Network and engage with hundreds of Utah teachers and industry partners that want to see STEM succeed in your school! Grade band sessions focus on lessons aligned to state standards and STEM support sessions focus on the bigger picture and local resources.
Cost: FREE!
How: For more information and to register. visit

*Be sure to provide your cell number where requested- it will be used for check-in AND  for the drawing for very generous prizes donated by industry partners!*
**7 relicensure points will be available for attendees**

For Educators and their grade 6-10 Students:
What: STEM Fest 2019
When: Monday, October 7 & Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Where: Mountain America Expo Center
Who: 6th-10th grade students
Why: Over 120 hands-on experiences and industry exhibitors. Students will be able to learn about diverse and exciting local STEM careers!
Cost: Registration is FREE and bus scholarships are available
How: Visit for registration and more information.

Phone Quick ReferenceHave you ever needed to access your District voicemail when you’re out and about? Good News – you can access your District voicemail by dialing 801-567-8111. Once your call is connected you will be asked to enter your 5-digit extension and your password. You can then follow the prompts to retrieve your voicemails and/or change your Availability States.

Speaking of Availability States, your phone has six availability state options. You are able to change the availability state of your phone, by selecting the button beneath the word State.

  • Available – most phones default to this state. Calls are forwarded to voicemail after 4 rings, with a message that states you are “Not available, please leave a message”.
  • In A Meeting – calls are forwarded to voicemail after 1 ring, with a message that states you are “In a meeting, please leave a message”.
  • Out of Office – calls are forwarded to voicemail after1 ring, with a message that states you are “Out of the office, please leave a message”.
  • Vacation – calls are forwarded to voicemail after 1 ring, with a message that states you are “Out of the office and will not be checking messages”.
  • Custom – calls are forwarded to voicemail after 1 ring, with a message that states you are “Not available, please leave a message”.
  • Do Not Disturb – calls are forwarded to voicemail after 1 ring, with a message you are “Not available, please leave a message”.

To customize a message for each state, press the # key and enter the voicemail password. Press the number key 7, then 2, and follow the prompts.

The name search, through the voice directory, allows parents and others to find your extension and talk to/or leave you a message. If you don’t record your name, during voicemail setup, parents and others will be unable to find your extension. To record your name on the phone – Press the # key and enter the voicemail password. Press the number key 7, then 6, and follow the prompts.

Phone Quick Reference

Sample of E-mail MessageThis is a reminder to not open emails or attachments from people that you don’t know.  By opening an attached file or clicking on a link in the email, you may download a virus or malware to your computer.

Cases of unsolicited emails claiming to be from or similar email addresses and using subjects such as "Ms Tuts Honeychurch" with nothing in the body of the email and contains two attachments, one word DOCX and one PDF have been sent around the District.  If you receive an email like this, please mark it as spam and delete.

URS it's the No. 1 FlyerIt’s the No. 1 move to protect your information and money with URS.

Create a myURS account and log in regularly.

  • Establish your account so fraudsters can’t create one in your name.
  • Manage your contact information to ensure you get notifications of account activity.
  • Verify that your records are correct.
  • Log in at least once a year to avoid having your delivery preferences reset to paper.

Learn How to Create a myURS Account at